Delectable Desserts


It looks like a tiny chef’s hat, complete with a crispy caramelised exterior and soft custard inside. Meet the canelé.

°F canelés are available daily in limited quantities. 

Flavors availableOriginal, Coffee, Butter Cookie, Hojicha, Hot Cocoa, Kaya (seasonal)



Kardemummabullar directly translates from Swedish to Cardamom Buns, made with soft and chewy dough, a buttery cinnamon-sugar filling, twisted into cute knots and topped with slivered almonds and pearl sugar.


145°F Signature Kaya Toast Set with Sous Vide Eggs

Indulge in our signature kaya toast smeared with rich and creamy kaya and slices of butter. Lightly toasted to perfection and served with two sous vide eggs.



Banana Cake

Our seasonal cake of the month is our specialty banana cake that is baked fresh in-house daily. Served warm, with a moist and chewy texture. 




Sourdough with Signature Butter

Toasted to perfection, heightening the taste, aroma and texture of the sourdough. Served with our delectable signature butter or our sous vide eggs. 




Butter Croissant

Delectable layered, buttery croissants.






Chocolate Bun

Slightly buttery and distinctively pillowy soft bread layered with bittersweet Valrhona chocolate ganache